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A, network extension 1 sexs, age 21 to 45 years old, technical secondary school or above. Job requirements:

1, 2 years of taobao/alibaba or other electric business platform set up shop and experience;

2, network marketing related experience, and related promotion successful experience is preferred;

3, familiar with electrical business operating environment, Taiwan before and after the operation, operation promotion;

4, familiar with basic drawing software such as PHOTOSHOP, can do simple image editing;

5, smart flexible, practical diligent, has the strong innovation consciousness, have idea, self-motivated.

Wages interview

Second, the foreign trade manager 1 sexs, age 21 to 45 years old. Job requirements:

1. International trade or foreign trade English majors, college degree or above;

2. The English six levels of above, with proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability. Accessible to communicate with foreign firms.

3. 5 years working experience in foreign trade business, international business management experience more than two years, can skilled operate all kinds of business platform, has unique insights to the management and sales work, familiar with international exhibition promotion, can the independent development of customers and manage the sales team, have good market development,

Communication and management ability, has the electronic products and LED lighting industry foreign trade experience is preferred.

Wages interview

Three, general manager assistant 1:


1, female, under 35 years old, graduated from college, English is good, healthy body, the appearance is correct;

2, there are three years experience in small and medium-sized enterprise middle management, marketing and management working experience preferred;  

3, character, kind, character, cheerful, frank; The sense of responsibility, ambition, able to work under pressure, team cooperation ability;

4, good communication and coordination ability, document writing basic skills;

5, has a strict logical thinking ability and the comprehensive analysis ability;

6, responsible for documents, letters, letters or telegrams from receiving and to convey;  

7, assist general manager to team management company to complete other tasks from higher metasomatism.

Wages interview

Due to the need of work, the urgently seeking the following staff:

One, three quality QC sexs, ages 18 to 40 years old. Electronics factory working experience is preferred.

Second, the iron hand/soldering work five sexs, aged 18 to 45 years old Able to skillfully use thermostatic ferrochrome, electronic soldering experience preferred.

Three team leader, AI, AI operators each 1: male, 18 to 35, understand electronic materials, automatically plug-in machine operation.

Four, SMT operators, SMT visual inspection after the furnace 1:18 to 45 years old, know the SMT electronic materials.

Five, the electronic repair 1: male, 18 to 45 years old, have working experience in electronics factory maintenance.

Six, pay

1. The base salary of 1630 yuan, at ordinary times the overtime pay 14 RMB/H, 18 yuan/H weekends, holidays to work 27 RMB/H. Comprehensive salary of 3200-3200 yuan per month.

2, perfect attendance: the probationary period is 50 yuan/month, six months of 100 yuan/month, a year more than 150 yuan. The above position: post allowance for 100-800 yuan/month.

Seven, board and lodging:

1, free accommodation, meals: industrial zone in the dining room, 10 yuan/day (or 300 yuan/month, corporate subsidies of 100 yuan a month. 2: the utilities, cost-sharing according to actual use. Travel accommodation.

Need to know: (interview with a valid second generation id card and is repeated a, two one-inch photo)

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