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   - After a storm comes a calm four yuan LED watch qiao afternoon

After a storm comes a calm four yuan LED watch qiao afternoon

Blue leds from local factory raise prices this year, although the incentive leading factory crystal rose, but the capacity of local plant oversupply situation has not improved, also let the doubt increase the "sustainability" can continue how long? In contrast, almost no new capacity four leds, our space to grow up instead more favored by the industry, at least have a more stable base on price.

Taiwan chipmakers contains four yuan jing 鋐, light, electricity, China revenue nearly 30%, 30% and 30% respectively; Downstream assembly house has light, hk company, etc. For industry development trend, on the Thanksgiving dinner in a light Ye Yinfu chairman has said: "four yuan growth will be better than now blue-green also" the most representative.

LED factory, said four yuan LED although it is old technology, however, as application gradually expanded, more and more high demand on degrees. Moreover, four yuan products for producers, product application is given priority to with niche type, due to the bulk of the small spacing screen also because of the change is not easy, to the requirement of the supplier is "in" high-quality, with blue green "mass production, quality second" logic is different. Now outside of quaternary emerging applications, including mobile phones import iris recognition, AR, security monitoring, night vision and sensor function, etc.

IRLED is quite early application in four yuan products, last year samsung GalaxyNote7 mobile phones into the iris recognition function, topic, creating a successful trend, seize the future mobile payment be is needed than based on fingerprint identification higher recognition rate of iris recognition. The phone import IRLED from osram, helpless Note7 explosive accident let iris recognition of sales to create success, there is quite a sum of regret, but also aroused the concern of the market, even thought the competitive local brand factory inspired by samsung, will be more active in the high-end mobile phones using iris recognition function.

As for the screen, small spacing continued ascension, as the resolution will drive the dosage of the LED chip, red light LED demand therefore a rising tide lifts all boats. Crystal electricity four yuan from last year LED a strong demand, by the first quarter of this year the off-season falling demand curve, and crystal electricity LED one of the major four yuan.

Global four yuan LED manufacturer does not see more, over the past few years less expansion plans, osram career although sell its lighting lamps and lanterns, but continued expansion in IRLED r&d staff, obvious osram is still bullish on IRLED development potential.

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